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What are grounds for premises liability?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2021 | Premises Liability |

In New York and elsewhere, property owners are responsible for keeping welcomed guests, employees and others safe while on their premises. In certain circumstances, a property owner might be liable for damages if another person suffers injury on his or her property. State laws vary, which is why it is important to seek clarification of the laws in the state where an injury has occurred in order to determine if there are grounds for filing a premises liability claim in court.  

Slip-and-fall accidents and incidents involving alcohol 

If a property owner hosts a social gathering, he or she must make sure grounds are clear of safety hazards that may put guests at risk for injury. Many premises injuries involve accidents where a person has slipped or fallen on a wet floor, icy sidewalk or down a flight of stairs. Even a torn carpet or crack in a sidewalk could pose a safety hazard to guests.  

In New York, if a party host serves alcohol to an adult age 21 or over, the host cannot be held liable for damages if that person winds up in a collision that results in injury to another person. However, if a property owner serves alcohol to someone not legally old enough to consume it, it is another issue altogether. In such a case, social host premises liability laws state that a party host can be held liable in certain circumstances.  

Always seek clarification of premises liability laws ahead of time 

Both New York property owners and visitors to other people’s property will want to make sure they understand premises liability laws ahead of time. Such laws are complex, making disputes difficult to resolve in many cases. A person who is unsure whether he or she has grounds for filing a personal injury claim can schedule a consultation with an experienced premises liability law attorney for support.