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Did your loved one die in a New York collision?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Wrongful Death |

At times, a family might expect one of its members to die, such as when doctors have diagnosed a disease in its late stages and explain that it’s only a matter of time because there is nothing more that they can do to help treat the condition. Even in such times, when the person’s passing occurs, it is never easy for family members to say good-bye and learn to move on in life without someone they love. However, when a death is sudden, such as a person losing his or her life in a New York motor vehicle collision, it merely intensifies a family’s grief.

Each person’s mourning process is unique

While a family comes together to mourn their loss when a loved one has died in a car crash, each person deals with his or her grief in a unique way. Many people who have faced a sudden, unexpected death of a family member have found that there are several coping skills that can help process grief. Processing one’s emotions may be difficult, especially when another person’s negligence was responsible for a loved one’s death.

It is helpful to rely on a support network

A person need not grieve alone when his or her family member has been killed in a car accident. It is helpful to have a network of people in place to provide various types of support during the mourning process. For instance, a person grieving the sudden death of a loved one might want to join a community support group where members have gone through similar experiences find encouragement by sharing their stories with each other.

If someone is having a particularly difficult time coming to terms with the sudden death of a loved one, especially when the incident was preventable and was caused by another person’s negligence, he or she may want to seek support from a licensed counselor who has experience in helping people cope with sudden death. In many cases, the immediate family members of a decedent pursue wrongful death litigation against the person or people whose negligence was directly responsible for their loved one’s death. Anyone in New York who is currently considering filing such a claim may want to seek support from an experienced personal injury attorney before heading to court.