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Collision with commercial truck has tragic end

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | Commercial Vehicle and Truck Accidents |

New York intersections are high-risk sections of roadway. Drivers must be especially alert and cautious, especially when navigating turns. Many fatal collisions occur at crossroads, which is exactly what happened on a recent Monday when a commercial truck was involved in a collision with an SUV.  

Elderly man was behind the wheel of the SUV 

An 83-year-old man was driving the vehicle that was involved in the collision, which ultimately caused him to suffer fatal injuries, although he survived the initial impact of the crash. A 29-year-old man was behind the wheel of the commercial truck that collided with the older man’s car and also sent it crashing into a third vehicle, a transit van, in another lane. A woman who was a passenger in the older man’s vehicle also suffered injuries and was transported to a hospital for emergency care.  

The elderly man was taken to an emergency room as well, but he later succumbed to his injuries. The driver of the commercial truck that was involved in the first crash reportedly did not suffer injury in the collision. A police investigation of the collision remains active at this time, and police have requested anyone who may have witnessed the crash to call their department and provide information.  

Driver negligence is a common factor in many intersection collisions 

It is not uncommon for intersection collisions to be caused by driver negligence. If someone fails to yield a right of way or blows through a stop sign or red light, any and all nearby motorists or pedestrians are at risk for injury. If driver negligence is determined to have caused a person’s fatal injuries in a New York collision, an immediate family member of the decedent may act on his or her behalf to file a wrongful death claim in a civil court. In a case where a commercial vehicle is involved, it is often possible to hold company owners liable for damages.