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Columbia University student, stabbed to death

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Wrongful Death |

The entire Columbia University community and residents of surrounding regions are mourning the loss of a student who was a PhD candidate and loved by faculty and fellow students, alike. The campus is not far from Central Park in New York City. The 30-year-old student was walking home from soccer practice on a recent Thursday night when another man is said to have randomly attacked him with a knife. Sadly, the Columbia student did not survive the attack.

A second man was also injured

Another man, who had just arrived in New York from Italy, was allegedly attacked by the same man, moments after the Columbia student was stabbed to death.  He survived the attack and is currently under hospital care. Police say they encountered the man in question while he was brandishing a knife at a third person in Central Park. He was taken into custody.

Residents say they have been concerned about safety in the area for a long time

Several people spoke to reporters after the recent stabbing incidents. One of them, a 51-year-old woman who lives nearby, said she goes straight home from work and does not go back outside in the evening because she knows it is a dangerous neighborhood. Two years ago, there was another fatal stabbing not far from where Thursday’s incident occurred.

Columbia University president extends condolences

The president of Columbia University expressed sympathy on behalf of all the faculty and student body. He said that the student who was killed was a superb athlete and excelled in academia, as well. He was well-liked and will be sorely missed on campus. Cases like this often lead to litigation when a family member of a deceased victim files a wrongful death claim against the person deemed responsible for his or her loved one’s fatal injuries. If the court awards compensation for damages, monies can be used by a grieving family to help offset funeral expenses and other costs associated with the death, such as medical bills for aid rendered before their loved one died.