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Group says Tesla software increases personal injury risk

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A group of safety advocates known as the “Dawn Project” have come out fighting against Elon Musk’s Tesla software installed in self-driving automobiles. The group says that current data shows that Tesla self-driving software malfunctions on an average of every eight minutes. Dawn Project representatives have offered a whopping $10,000 reward to anyone in New York or elsewhere who can name another Fortune 500 commercial product that exhibits critical malfunction this often.  

Several people, including Musk himself, posted on Twitter after an advertisement by the Dawn Project aired. They revealed that the founder of the project also happens to be the CEO of a software company that has received funding from several Tesla competitors. Musk tweeted that the software company in question is “a pile of trash.”  

Mean Twitter posts do not negate facts 

No matter what Musk or other Tesla supporters may post online against the Dawn Project’s founder, ample evidence is available that raises concerns regarding Tesla technology and full self-driving (FSD) vehicles. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has stated that it has reviewed dozens of videos showing Tesla FSD vehicles driving into dangerous roadway situations. The Dawn Project advertisement states that Tesla should be required to remove its technology until its FSD vehicles have 1,000 times fewer critical malfunctions.  

FSD vehicles sometimes require human driver intervention 

There are various levels of automation in self-driving vehicles. In some cases, a human driver is still legally responsible for damages that occur in a collision. If a New York traveler suffers injury while driving, riding as a passenger or as a pedestrian as a result of a motor vehicle collision, he or she may have grounds for filing a personal injury claim in a civil court. Such litigation is stressful, especially if it involves a vehicle equipped with automated driving software. An experienced personal injury attorney is a great asset to have on hand to help alleviate stress during proceedings.