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Construction accident in another state

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2022 | Construction Accidents |

Many New York workers are at risk for on-the-job injuries, especially those who are employed in industries that are known to include high-risk jobs. It is important for such workers to know how to file a workers’ compensation claim, which can provide benefits to them if a workplace accident occurs. A construction accident recently took place in another state that sent a worker to the hospital.  

The construction industry ranks at the top of most lists for danger in the workplace. This particular worker was on a job site where he was surrounded by a steep hill and lots of dirt and rock formations. Tragedy struck when enormous slabs of rock and dirt suddenly broke free from a nearby hillside and buried the man alive.  

Rescuers were able to extricate the worker from the debris 

First responders from local rescue departments joined efforts with some of the man’s co-workers to help free him from the rocks and soil that had tumbled down on top of him. Thankfully, the worker was still conscious and coherent when they extricated him from the rubble. Rescuers immediately transported him to a nearby hospital.  

Recovering from a construction accident 

Construction accidents in New York and throughout the country are often fatal. In such cases, a spouse of a fatally injured worker may file a workers’ compensation claim to seek what is known as “death benefits,” which includes financial support to help cover funeral expenses and other expenses associated with a worker’s death. A worker who has survived his or her injuries can also file a claim, which can help make ends meet while the employee is taking time off work during recovery.