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New York construction accident had fatal results

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Construction Accidents |

In New York and all other states, employers must provide proper training and any equipment relevant to a particular job to help keep workers safe. Special rules may apply in this regard for jobs that are inherently dangerous. For instance, the safety regulations and training required for construction workers may be more stringent that those needed for office workers. If a construction accident occurs, one of the first questions investigators try to answer is whether there were any safety violations involved.  

Investigator are still looking into such matters following a recent construction accident that had disastrous results. A worker was hit by a falling piece of equipment that had reportedly malfunctioned during use. The equipment was an arm of an excavator, which was being used to transport pipes across the job site. The broken arm on the machinery is estimated to weigh approximately 2,000 pounds. Sadly, the force of impact that struck the worker resulted in fatal injuries. 

OSHA investigators are carefully analyzing the incident  

As is common in cases like this, The Occupational Safety Hazards Administration (OSHA) is investigating the incident. Information made available to the public thus far, stated that a worker was using straps to secure pipes to the machine when a lift mechanism failed, causing the arm of the excavator to fall on top of the worker. When safety violations have occurred, resulting in injuries or fatalities on the job, employers often incur fines or citations for negligence.  

Additional actions are often taken in the aftermath of construction accidents 

If negligence is a causal factor in construction accidents that result in a worker’s death, the decedent’s immediate family members may decide to seek justice in court. This process might include filing a wrongful death claim against those deemed responsible for a loved one’s death. It is helpful to seek legal support before filing such a claim, as this type of litigation is often complex and highly stressful, and an attorney can help alleviate that stress by acting on behalf of a plaintiff in court.