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Pressure cookers recalled due to personal injury risks

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | Uncategorized |

New Yorkers have busy lifestyles. Family members who usually prepare meals for their loved ones often look for easy recipe ideas or shortcuts to provide tasty, healthy meals in as little time as possible. This desire has made pressure cookers quite popular. However, there appears to be a significant risk of personal injury when using some of these products.  

In fact, several companies that manufacture pressure cookers have issued recalls. A typical pressure cooker includes a safety mechanism, which locks in place until the pressure inside the pot has lowered to a specific point. These locks are meant to help consumers avoid severe injuries if an explosion occurs from the build-up of pressure inside the pot.  

Severe burns are a possibility 

The tremendous pressure within this type of appliance is what makes it possible to cook food in much less time than using conventional methods. If a safety mechanism fails or some other product defect causes a malfunction, a consumer could suffer serious, even life-threatening, burns. The companies who recently issued recalls of their products did so because of improper steam venting issues, as well as faulty gaskets and seals and other defects.  

If injuries occur after using a product according to instructions 

Manufacturers are required to properly label their products and include warnings to consumers of any known safety hazards. If a product is not labeled properly or a defect causes a person to suffer injuries, several entities may be held accountable for damages. In such circumstances, a person who has suffered personal injury could file a product liability claim in civil court. An experienced lawyer is a valuable asset for someone who wants to file a claim.