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New York construction workers at risk from debris

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Construction Accidents |

There are safety regulations in place to protect New York construction workers on the job. For instance, employers must provide proper training and equipment to help workers avoid injury. When an item on a construction site is broken or destroyed, it can create debris.

Data shows that there are tens of thousands of pounds of debris created on a regular basis in New York City alone, placing construction workers at risk for severe injury. Debris can become a projectile if an item is broken with force and a piece of it flies through the air, or something falls from a higher level and strikes it. If a construction worker is standing or walking nearby, the results can be disastrous.

Employers must make sure that workers have safety equipment

When workers wear hard hats and other safety clothing, they are less likely to suffer severe injuries from debris on a construction site. Less likely, however, does not mean that they are always guaranteed safety. By its nature, construction work is dangerous, and employers must make their employees aware of the risks.

Avoiding injuries from debris on construction sites

Various precautions — such as using safety nets, closing off openings with barricades and storing tools in safe locations — improve construction site safety for all workers and lower the chances for accidents associated with debris on a job site. Under certain circumstances in a construction accident, such as if there is a third party deemed responsible, a worker may seek restitution in court. This is done through the civil justice system, by filing an injury claim.