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Multiple fatalities in New York collision

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The force of impact in a motor vehicle crash can have disastrous results, as was made evident following a tragic incident. Two vehicles, a box truck and a bus, were collided on a recent Saturday morning near the Canadian border. There were no passengers in the truck. However, there were 15 people on the bus at the time.  

Investigators are still working to determine exactly what or who may have caused the collision. It occurred just before 6 a.m., and the mayor of a town close to the crash thanked the rescue workers in a social media post. Sadly, the collision resulted in six deaths.  

In addition to six deaths, several people suffered severe injuries 

At least one surviving accident victim was listed in critical condition as rescuers worked to help everyone who had survived obtain the care and treatment they needed. The truck was apparently a rental. The driver’s identity was initially withheld by authoritiesThe National Transportation Safety Board planned to deploy at least six team members to assist in the investigation.  

Navigating the aftermath of a fatal collision 

When a New York collision results in fatalities, grieving families often have more questions than answers, especially in the immediate aftermath of the accident. In cases where driver negligence was a causal factor, an immediate family member of a deceased victim may choose to file a wrongful death claim in civil court. Seriously injured surviving victims may also file a personal injury claim, seeking reimbursement of documented monetary losses. Human life is irreplaceable, but court-awarded compensation may help alleviate financial distress associated with a fatal collision.