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When parking garage injuries and premises liability intersect

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2023 | Premises Liability |

A property owner is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for guests. In New York and beyond, many parking garage injuries are the result of the owner’s negligence. If an invitee is hurt in a parking garage due to the property owner’s negligence, the injured party may seek financial recovery for losses by filing a premises liability claim in civil court.

It is always best to be alert and cautious when navigating a parking garage, either in a motor vehicle or on foot. These locations are often prime targets for individuals lurking about and waiting to commit a crime, such as robbery, assault or car theft. Many times, poor lighting or substandard security services are key factors in accidents and injuries that can occur in parking garages.

Did lack of security or supervision create a premises liability?

A property owner must take precautions to help invitees stay safe while walking from an elevator in a parking garage to a vehicle or when using a stairwell. If a crime or accident occurs due to a lack of security or supervision, the garage owner could be held accountable for damages if a crime or accident occurs. For instance, if a guest falls and breaks an ankle or suffers a back injury in a stairwell that did not have adequate lighting, the property owner might be financially responsible for damages.

A property management company is also responsible for parking garage safety

Many New York property owners hire individuals or companies to manage their buildings and parking garages. In such cases, a property management company may also be accountable for premises liability claims if a guest suffers injury or property damage while visiting a garage. If a person is unsure whether a particular incident constitutes grounds for filing a legal claim, it is helpful to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.