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Stopping Foreclosure With Mortgage Modification

One option that is not always in the forefront of your mind when facing foreclosure is mortgage modification. Mortgage modification is the process of changing the original terms of the mortgage. Usually, this involves reducing a monthly payment that can be achieved in various ways.

Attorney Gregory P. Haegele can act as your personal mortgage modification advocate and help you navigate the complex mortgage modification process. He can work with you and your mortgage company to ensure that your mortgage modification resolves your problem and is not just a temporary bandage. When you meet with him, he will discuss finances in as much detail as possible so you can achieve the best possible outcome in dealing with foreclosure.

Determining If A Mortgage Modification Is Right For You

Mortgage companies are sometimes reluctant to accept a loan modification proposal. They do a cost-benefit analysis to determine if it is in their best interest to change the terms of your loan. The process of getting a modification is complex and requires a lot of documentation. Many people who attempt loan modifications on their own submit incomplete or incorrect paperwork and are denied. When you submit an application for a mortgage modification with attorney Haegele on your side, you can expect a more favorable outcome. We determine if you are a good candidate for a mortgage modification before moving forward with your case.

The Mortgage Modification Process

After an initial consultation to get a clear picture of your financial situation, we will begin the mortgage modification qualification process. We begin making sure that you are considered the legal owner and occupant of your home. This is followed by a complete evaluation of your household budget, followed by a review of your financial paperwork. After gathering this information, we will calculate a proposed modified mortgage payment. It is important to note that mortgage modification is not the right solution for everyone. If a loan modification is not right for you, we will work to find the best foreclosure defense for your situation.

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