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The Dangers Of Accidents Involving Trucks And Commercial Vehicles

When I was in college working for a landscaping company over the summers, the foreman let me drive the 16-foot dump truck filled with stand-on mowers and the rest of the 6 man crew sitting in the back. I was 19 years-old and had only had a driver’s license for two years. While this was legal, it wasn’t smart of the owner! Trucks pose a considerable hazard to other driver and pedestrians. Their weight and size require special knowledge and skills to operate. Operators of larger trucks and busses require lengthy training and tests to get a Commercial Driver License (CDL).

The Importance Of Contacting A Lawyer Quickly

If you have been injured by a truck, work vehicle or bus it is essential to get to a lawyer as soon as possible. Many vehicles now have onboard surveillance that may be essential to winning your case. I have litigated complicated truck and buss collisions, I understand the special dangers these vehicles pose, and can litigate and win your case.

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